We are LIVE!


We are LIVE!

When the global pandemic hit, it took all of us by surprise. We were forced to rethink how we live, and how we conduct business. Today, we officially launch Online Guyana – a local online marketplace for Guyanese companies.

We begin a journey that, we hope, will transform online shopping in Guyana. This platform will make it easier for Guyanese companies to reach their customers and allow other companies without physical stores to grow their businesses. We look forward to working with you and spurring entrepreneurship in Guyana.

As the world, and Guyana, adjust to the effects of the global pandemic, more companies have been shifting their businesses online. However, this is not always an easy and straightforward process. Business owners must spend a tidy sum on the development and maintenance of an online store. Online Guyana removes these costs and the monthly overhead, replacing it with a small, flat fee. Registered businesses can list and sell unlimited items. The website has inventory and order management features to assist the companies in managing their online shops.

Business owners directly manage their online shops registered on Online Guyana. They receive orders placed for their products; package and ship to happy customers. The customers are updated automatically when their order status changes and can log into the website at any time to check on their order or contact the company.

Online Guyana showcases multiple products from small and medium-sized businesses in various categories: including electronics, clothing, hair/body care, and gifts – customers can also share reviews on their purchases. The website is easy to use and is accessible via computer and mobile phone.

Customers can save time by accessing a wide variety of items from different Guyanese companies. They can browse specific categories, keep things they like in a wishlist and ultimately purchase using several options, including cash on delivery (COD) or using GTT’s MMG+ service.
We are working to implement credit card processing very shortly.

Free business registration is offered until June 1, 202

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